Understanding Horse Whorls

Understanding Horse Whorls is now available in paperback!

Since its release as an ebook in April of 2021 Understanding Horse Whorls has sold around the whorl. Here in the US, next door in Canada, from England to Australia, as well as the non English speaking countries of Norway, Germany, Paraguay, South Africa, Bulgaria, Germany, and the Netherlands. There have been others, but who can keep track!

People kept asking when it would be available in paper form? An ebook is great but a book you can hold in your hands has a special appeal. After lots of work and with a few new pieces of information, the transformation is complete and ready to be offered as a real book.

Full of pictures and in depth explanations Understanding Horse Whorls covers the whorls on the head, as well as throughout the entire body, the meanings of head shape, and even possible effects of color are covered. From old stories to new science every aspect of horse whorls are explored.

Then in the end the individual pieces are brought together as we look at real horses and show how a horse whorl analysis is done.

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Temperament Types

When describing a horse’s temperament and personality one way to simplify the explanations is to refer to the part of the brain the horse tends to operate out of.

There are four different temperament types, not four quarters but four overlapping halves. Introvert and extrovert, and right brain and left brain. An extrovert can be right or left brain, and an introvert can be right or left brain.

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Uses Of Looking At Whorls

Alison contacted me the other day. She was bidding at an online auction of BLM Mustangs. Could I help her make sure the ones she was looking at were horses that would suit her needs?

Choosing a horse can be hard in those cases where all we have to go is a few blurry pictures that hardly give us any idea at all of what the horse might be like other than that it’s a pretty color. We all know that pretty color isn’t a good thing to base our choice in horses on!

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