A horse who is an introvert is pulled inwards. They don’t let their emotions show like an extrovert does. They can be overwhelmed by too much emotion from us, by being pushed too hard too fast. They need their space to think things through. But what does that look like?

Temperament Types

When describing a horse’s temperament and personality one way to simplify the explanations is to refer to the part of the brain the horse tends to operate out of. There are four different temperament types, not four quarters but four overlapping halves. Introvert and extrovert, and right brain and left brain. An extrovert can be […]

KWPN Gelding

Colleen sent in pictures of her big beautiful KWPN gelding. From the side we can see his very pronounced Roman nose. This shows a tenacity, boldness, and all around toughness. He should be confident and sure of himself. There is lots of separation between lips and chin showing complexity. His nose slopes down to the […]