Equestrian Author Podcast

I have some rather exciting news and something a bit unusual to announce.
I had the pleasure of interviewing with Carly Kade a while back for her wonderful podacst, Equestrian Author Spotlight. It’s such a fun podcast to listen, all sorts of great authors to hear about and a fun place to find new book recommendations. It was an honor to get to be among those authors as a guest.

You can find more info on Carly, her podcast, AND her books here: https://www.carlykadecreative.com/

My podcast aired on Wednesday July 27th. You can find it on her website, Spotify, or wherever you like to get your podcasts.
As an extra bit of fun for the interview I took a look at Carly’s two horses. Here is the analysis of them:
Tanner is a very pretty buckskin mare.
She has a slightly high whorl, it’s set centered between both eyes, side to side but just above eye level. That will show very slight extrovert traits. Extroverts are very invested in the external world, everything going on around them. They want to go, to be moving all the time. Intelligent, emotional, and sensitive they will be as brave as they can be and eager to please with a sensitive supportive rider or a nervous wreck with a harsh rider who doesn’t give the support they need. So she will be a little bit of all or some of those things. This is a list of things we can expect to see some of. Not necessarily every single one of the things.
There is a line of feathering coming up from the whorl. Feathering is where the hair grows out from a center line. Like a feather. Feathering shows a horse that will have left brain traits, friendly, curious, confident, calm. Left brain horses can be friendly and confident to the point that they will walk through people, be pushy.
The feathering goes off at a bit of an angle. When feathering is in an S shape it often shows a horse that will be accident prone. Not sure if this is enough of an S or not for that.
Her profile is straight, that shows a steady dependable horse. Her chin is softly rounded without any ridges or points. That shows a horse who will be relaxed and easy going. She doesn’t carry tension in her chin. Her eye is soft and kind.
Sissy is a nice little paint.
Her forehead whorl is pretty much centered. That is usually said to show a quiet willing horse, easy going and uncomplicated. That can be true. It often is true, but not always. A single center whorl actually shows us no extremes of temperament. In order to see what the horse is going to be like we need to look at the shape of the head.
Her profile is mostly straight, which shows a steady horse, with a hint of a dish for some sensitivity.
The most noticeable thing about her is her chin. We can only see a bit of it here but that’s enough to see the flat lower lip that comes to a point at the chin. These chins are very distinct. The usually come with a straight, slightly dished profile and nostrils that are pulled back a little like we can see hers are around the edges.
When she gets upset, whether something scares her or she is asked to do too much in training, that chin will get rock hard. The lower lip will get flat and stick out like a pouting child.
The chin type is almost always accompanied by very thin sensitive skin, bothered quite a bit by bugs. Also very wrinkly. They can pull the nostrils back and the eye lids down until the area around them is wrinkled clear up.
Check out my interview here: