KWPN Gelding

Colleen sent in pictures of her big beautiful KWPN gelding.

From the side we can see his very pronounced Roman nose. This shows a tenacity, boldness, and all around toughness. He should be confident and sure of himself. There is lots of separation between lips and chin showing complexity. His nose slopes down to the lips, he may test his rider. He’s sure of himself.

From the front we see well spaced eyes, smart. His eyes are looking well forward, that’s a good thing. His ears are huge and wonderful. I don’t know that the size means anything, I’m just enthralled by them ? They are wider at the top than the base though and that means mostly steady. His upper lip is heart shaped and very mobile. He should be interested in everything and has to touch and explore all the time with his mouth.

He has a single whorl high on his forehead. The high whorl shows a smart horse with a very active mind, quite probably lots of energy. We can’t see them very well in these pictures but Colleen says “He has two small whorls that are difficult to see at the tip of his nose.” Those very interesting. They seem to amplify mouthiness and add complexity to a horse. Whorls will show a focus point. There should be something about his nose.

When I asked her about that she sent me the last picture. Apparently he uses his nose “to investigate things like an elephant would use their trunk” The whorls greatly intensify his desire to explore with his nose and lips.

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