Possible Impossible Opposites

Sometimes when looking at whorls and head shapes we see a combination of traits in one horse that shouldn’t be possible.

When a horse has a whorl that shows right brain traits it makes perfect sense when the head shows sensitivity and strong emotions.

When we see a horse with a left brain whorl it’s never surprising to see a convex profile and steady quiet ears.

But what about a whorl set high and to our right, showing a right brain horse, emotional, sensitive, reactive, who has very steady, dependable ears, a straight profile squared off at the muzzle, again steady and dependable, combined with all the other quiet, easy going, reliable traits?

The same with double whorls. How can a horse be spooky, and trustworthy? Dependable, and a different ride every time? It just doesn’t make sense.

That means that we must be missing something right? How is it possible for a horse to be both emotional and steady?

This is one area I am always learning is actually completely possible.

It sounds different when we describe the individual horse. These descriptions are a basic idea of a general type of response, behavior, we might expect to see. The horses wont show every single trait, or show them to the same degree. So even though we can get a general idea of what to expect from the whorls and head shape, that doesn’t perfectly describe the individual personality.

This mini mare has a whorl set high and to our right. A right brain extrovert. They feel all the emotions, sensitive and reactive, they can have complete meltdowns if handled roughly. For a rider who is sensitive to their needs and can offer the support they require they will be devoted and desperate to please.

But that in no way matches what we see from her head and body. Any short, thick, very hairy sort of horse is usually quiet, laid, back, left brain. High right whorls go with thin bones, thin haired, high strung types of horses. In general, the thicker the bone and mane, the quieter the horse. In comparison to another horse with everything else being equal.

We can see in this picture that she has very steady, easy going ears, very thick mane, forelock over the eyes, and pretty thick bone in the legs. All of that should show a relaxed, easy going horse who may cause trouble by being smarter and more stubborn than her person, but shouldn’t be extremely sensitive and reactive. This shouldn’t work. It seems to be a case where the whorl, or the body type is wrong.

But, her person knows her better. She says that actually, this fits the little mare’s temperament quite well. “The interesting thing is that she is she’s is quite sensitive and is not a fan of too much physical contact, she is very observant but prefers her space and can be reactive when it comes to humans”.

The way she expresses her sensitivity isn’t by being hot and high strung. It is through mental sensitivity. She is emotionally delicate and physically tough. The emotions and personalities of horses are so much more complex and intricate than a few simple explanations can ever cover.

Yes, whorls give us a great idea of what to expect. In a general sort of way. But they can never begin to grasp all the intricacies or personality and individual being. A combination of opposites is an easily possible piece of all that is a horse.