Starvation Whorls

Those baby horses and their whorls.
They often have so much going on. Most of it disappears as they grow up. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something to learn from baby whorls while they are there.
One trend that we are lucky not to see very often is a feathered whorl up the nose of a foal. They often look like the hair has been mussed by a halter or something across the nose. The messed up hair never goes away and will return even after brushing.
One correlation that has been found between foals with this marking is the dam being short of feed while bred. Poor nutrition can cause all sorts of issues. Why not a line in the hair?
This guy’s dam was starved nearly to death while carrying him. Saved and nursed back to health, the mare gave birth to a foal who developed these lines going into his first winter. They disappeared that summer and haven’t been back.
Most whorls specific to babies go away with age. Luckily this reminder of difficult times is no different.