Talented Triples

This post on triple whorls is brought to you by very talented guest rider, Jillian McGinnis.

Hello to all! I’m here to give a little post on my experience with the triple swirl(whorl) horses!

I have had several of these horses and truly enjoy them! They tend to be friendly, but independent. They are big time thinkers, and almost human in how they process. I have found them to be very gentle, but also sensitive and potentially reactive if they’re handled a certain way.

The ones I have had have been sort of “born broke” and took immediately to riding and loved to have a purpose. I would say that they are not for intermediate or tentative riders, or even for the riders who are experienced but maybe expect a horse to do only as they’re told.

The triple whorl horses are independent thinkers and work best if they are gently guided but also patiently allowed to work and process at their pace. Which is generally a faster pace than most if handled well. I am a fan of multiple whorl horses, they suit me very well as they are usually higher spirited and more driven.